Making Great Stuff with Sarah Bush

Although I've been creating lots and lots of work recently I've been feeling a little stuck- getting too caught-up with my inner critic and lacking focus. To help get out of this stuck place I decided to invest in an art coach. There are a lot of people out there offering their services and I've definitely benefitted from the podcasts of Cory Huff, Melissa Dinwiddie, Ann Rea and Bonnie Glendinning. Ultimately, though, I decided to hire Sarah Bush of Make Great Stuff because her experience, personality, and perspective seemed to resonate with me most. I signed up for her newsletter a couple of years ago and always marveled at how much her weekly emails spoke directly to me. One of her most powerful messages talked about how we need to thank all of the bad art we make because it helps pave the way for all of the great art we will make in the future. I've decided to blog about the process as a way of documenting my growth and hopefully as a way of inspiring other aspiring creatives.